Hosting a website with a video library.

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100% Open source.

Nothing better than owning your content on a server that you own.

Own your content.

Video images and other intellectual property. Are protected & secure.

Endless Bandwith.

No more paying a monthly bill on extra bandwith.

Safe & Secure.

All my custom servers are backed by 24/7 support low monthly plains are available after 120 days of the purchased system.

These sample videos are an actual product made exclusively by Bottled Up.

Secure & Safe and 100% Open Souce.

Special thanks to cert bot.

Signed SSL Certificate By Lets Encrypt.

So what do i mean by Repair* Recover* Secure* Its a really simple phrase I will always have your back with security & peace of mind.

Ryan Rhoades Sole Proprietor.

Jeremy Chevalier Founder Of Bottled Up

This entrepreneur I met online who has a great idea for a product Bottled-Up release your bottled up stress.

In partnership with techno sugar creations.

Top of the line and the most friendly art designer I have ever met.