About Exclusive Tek Computers.

My name is Ryan Rhoades I am the owner and technician who you can count on. I am slowly acquiring assets. For example tools. And maybe a loan, grant, etc. I am what you call self-employed at this moment. Computers are my passion my incredible skill in the repair department. My courage and my mindset. Failure is not an option. What does exclusive stand for? It stands for the best.

A board member of the Wilder Park Neighborhood Association.

Louisville is my home. Most people know me by my kindness and what I do for the community. My dream is to make a difference by showing people my good spirit. I am Ryan Rhoades. Your friendly neighborhood computer technician. I got your back. And your computer and your wallet will thank you.


Secure & Safe and 100% Open Souce.

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So what do i mean by Repair* Recover* Secure* Its a really simple phrase I will always have your back with security & peace of mind.

Ryan Rhoades

Jeremy Chevalier Founder Of Bottled Up

This entrepreneur I met online who has a great idea for a product Bottled-Up release your bottled up stress.

As of 09/16/2020 He is my first client to have one of my hosting platforms.

Sale Pending.

In partnership with techno sugar creations.

Top of the line and the most friendly art designer I have ever met.

On-Site repairs.


Everyone has a second chance. Time to start my On-Site repairs. Starting on 10/19/2020.

Repairs at my shop.

Am I qualified to call myself a technician?

My experience in my field.

14 years of troubleshooting problems in the Windows environment. And handling fragile components.

6 years of cybersecurity for example online safety, scam baiting and other safety concerns.

2 years of customer support. For example talking to real people and consulting.

Learned SQL in one week.

To all my competitors out there I am new in this computer industry. I am your friend.

We aim for success.

How do you find success. Failure is not an option here at exclusive tek computers. We won’t stop until you our customer, your needs are met. We can beat any competitors pricing and warranty. You will see what exclusive stands for. Our quality repairs. Is what most companies cut corners on. We do everything right. We are proud to have low-cost computer servicing right on our door.

Need free hosting like us?

Do I really need to brag on how I am hosting exclusivetekcomputers.com

Well yes I should tell you my server you can fit it in a sock drawer. You are reading my sentence on a server that is the size of a box of cornflakes. I am proud to say. If you want free hosting. We can make it happen. All you buy is the hardware and labor setting it up. And let the freedom in hosting your website. Go at hand.