who I represent?

Get to know me?

Published 01/11/2021

What do I represent?

This Blog Post Is For My Competitors & What I am to them.

I’m sure you have seen me driving around town and saw my vehicle not knowing who I am. This Blog will explain mostly who I am?

So lets begin.

My name is Ryan Rhoades I founded this startup company that well kinda started as a hobby to a career as a computer technician I love computers as much as my competition. My website is made from the joy and love in the computer field. I hate bragging, but I want to let you guys know I learned MySQL in one weekend my website is optimized by trial and error.

I am new to this field mainly running a business? I have no capital or savings you would call me a bum one thing you guys should know about me, I am persistent I never give up I always come through by excellence I am uncertified I don’t have Comp TIA or any other certifications? My time and my love that is computers. So when you see my green Toyota Corolla remember I am Ryan Rhoades a friendly competitor.

Did you catch me speeding?

This paragraph is my way to apologize to my fellow competitors and future customers. As of December 1st 2020 I met my match well he set me straight I was speeding down Southside drive like an asshole going over 90 MPH passing vehicles. I stopped at the MC Donald’s on S 3rd to grab a drink. To my eyes this guy with a Jurassic Park Themed Truck to my excitement I was happy to roll my window down to say hi. This guy was not here to greet me with kindness!! He was not happy with my reckless driving. He said “Was that you! Who was driving 90 miles an hour”? “I said yes that was me” With a confused & saddened voice. He said? “I would be laughing if you spun out of control and wrecked” “I kindly said I’m terribly sorry” Then he saw my company sign he noticed I was a computer tech. He said “You Make Us Computer Guys Look Bad” “I said I was sorry”? Then as he began to drive off he said “you will be sorry” That confrontation made me a better person so whoever you are I want to thank you!!!

I am disabled but not dumb!

How many people out there who are disabled and has a dream maybe you want to be the President of the United States or maybe an owner of a corporation? Dreams come true by believing you can do it? So how did I come up with Exclusive Tek Computers? First thing is my skill I developed over time from holding a screwdriver at age 2 to taking apart pool vacuums at age 4 and best yet taking apart CRT televisions at age 6 I always had curiosity in taking things apart and learning on how they work? Time made me who I am a technical incline and mechanically Intune. I can hold a screwdriver and I can hold a torque wrench. My courage and will made me who I am I am Ryan Rhoades I don’t give up!!!

Now to finish my blog.

I am Ryan Rhoades I am not perfect I learn lessons every day from small ones to big ones. I am only human I learn my mistakes and there are times I fall on my face. From doing things the wrong way? I am based on trial and error I learned enough already and now having GOD as my teacher and to not make the same mistake again? This blog is here as an example I am not perfect?

To all my competitors I am your friend!

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