Online Safety

The internet is one big place.

Are you safe online?

My guide for safety online & piece of mind.

Okay let’s begin with what is a scam? Like most things online you have ask yourself should I walk down this dark alley without knowing its very unsafe. For my answer in what I would call a scam. A product or service that is way too good to be true. For example “Free government grants” All you need to do is pay us? That is what I would call a scam. Or worse a Tech support scam. This blog ill be posting will explain what is a scam? And what should you do as an individual.

Now it's time to breakdown the well known scams and how to avoid them & know what to do when you encounter one.

We are going to start with my favorite the Tech support scam.

Have you ever gotten a scary popup saying that your computer has a virus or has been blocked by Microsoft? And you see an unofficial Toll free number? Did you guess it already it’s a scam!

Microsoft will never block your computer and force you to call them. Just be weary and hit ALT + F4 on your keyboard or just unplug your computer and start it back up. And ask your closest computer tech. On what is going on. Most of us will give you real advice on what is really going on. We hate them fake tech support companies they make us look bad.

The IRS or SSA scam! Or Robocall?

Had to edit out their phone number due to it being related to a scam.

This scam happens a lot and is very dangerous.

The Internal Revenue Service or the Social Security Administration will not contact you by phone especially a Robo call. Or any kind of call this is what I call a “COLD CALL”

However, social security may call you in some situations but will never.

  • Threaten you.
  • Suspend your Social Security Number.
  • Demand an immediate payment from you.
  • Require payment by cash, gift card, prepaid debit card, or wire transfer.

Same goes for the IRS they won’t call you and threaten you.

If the IRS was really after you would already know by now. By mail or some auditor.

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Edits will finish by 11/26/2020

What should you do when you encounter a cold call?

Like most unwanted calls “NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION” for example your name birthday or any other personal information. Just hang up!

Now if it’s a salesman or a dept collector you have the right to ask him or her who are they working for. Now that piece of info can validate what kind of call you are dealing with. Also, if you have the ability to record the call you might want to be recording your conversation. Just for liability reasons.

Have you ever wondered why they have your phone number?

Have you done an online survey or subscribed to a website service? It’s all about the terms & conditions just look for where they say if or what or when they sell your info.

Ever wanted to know why your info is valuable? Its simple it’s called marketing. My advice is stay away from dead end surveys you will never get anything free. This is one piece of advice ill give you and it’s free take it with a bag of salt “Safety comes by knowing” “NEVER GIVE AWAY YOUR INFORMATION” that is my advice and I’m sticking with it.

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