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By Ryan Rhoades

This little hardware store went out of business. Due to the current events. I would call myself one of their loyal customers. But me seeing one of my favorite shops close down. Really hurts. Then wonderful store employees took care of my needs in a way not many hardware stores can These mom-and-pop stores are a rare breed. Me saying I will miss this OLD great shop. Never forget GIRARD HARDWARE this shop is more than exclusive they are one of a kind. They earn a spot on my blog. When I do business Ill think of them as a family. When I go out of business one day Maybe someone will blog about my business.

I am running my business with no capital am I next?

Some people think being an entrepreneur starting a business is easy It is really hard from understanding your competitors and managing your capital. Thinking you are your own boss. What I found out today. Is my boss Is GOD. And not following his rules can break me. Today my Tech van is broken down. Due to me being careless. This is a lesson never think that you are invincible because my only way to do business is transportation, and he took it away. And as for capital that vehicle is going to cost me everything I have. So remember I am struggling like a fish with no water.

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