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Ryan's small leap for success.

This isn’t only a blog its a story about me. In my first blog.

By Ryan Rhoades

I was born on October 10, 1988, I was very different as a kid I loved taking things apart. From CRT televisions to radios. Some kids go crazy in toy stores. But I go total freak at a hardware store. All I do is think of how stuff works. I am no genus but I am very smart. And as my profession in computers I shine with knowledge and understanding in almost everything computers. As a grew older I kept learning more tricks in my field. I am uncertified however I do have what it takes to work on computers or any electronics. Did I tell you I learned SQL in a week, and I am still learning more on writing code in a database?

How did i come up with Exclusive Tek Computers.

My mom owned a business back in the day called Exclusive Pool Care inc.

I have chosen that word exclusive because of my value of my family. Did you know my favorite color was green. Why did I use Blue. My sister Renee Rhoades. She passed away back on April 16, 2016, She was a great creative little girl She looked up to me as her protector. So when I wear my brand I am wearing my family crest the Blue represents Renee and Exclusive represents my Mother and her glory and love she has for her children.

So when you meet me in person you will see a joyful an intelligent tech who will listen and understand. And not talk over you or down on you. I am Ryan Rhoades I am managing this business with no capital just my joy and love for computers and who uses them every day. My mission is to help home users and businesses have an affordable option in the computer repair industry. And yes I am doing all this on a website running on an old Dell and guess what it’s hosting for free. And remember I got your back.

Be Exclusive Today.

Repair* Recover* Secure*

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