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Ask for Ryan he has your back.
Second chance background
I believe no one should overpay for computer repair. Or be lied to. I am Ryan Rhoades owner and technician. Rip-Offs stop now.
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Ryan Rhoades
Sole Properietor.

IT partner with a shared vision.

My vision without computer servicing would be total chaos from viruses being unchecked, running rampant virus attacks, or computers trapped with dust causing house fires. Imagine your collection of pictures, or important documents on your storage device, just die on your hard drive. Here at Exclusive Tek Computers we can save those pictures, videos or anything you love. I am Ryan Rhoades I am a truthful, and kind person. I believe if you are a computer user you shouldn't overpay for repairs, or upgrades. My mother taught me that people are more important than money. I don't need to get rich overnight. All I need is a few good customers who will tell their friend's about my company.

Repair* Recover* Secure*

We are that other option. To save you money. And meet one of the coolest techs out there.

All the services we offer.

Personal Computers

  • Operating System Installation
  • Software Installation & Troubleshooting
  • Virus Detection & Removal
  • Repairs For Old & New PC’s
  • LCD Screen Replacement
  • Networking
  • Data Recovery

Mobile Devices

  • Battery Replacement
  • Digitizer Replacement
  • Android Bloatware Removal
  • Total Refurbishment On Any Device
  • We Service All Top Brands

Custom Solutions

  • Custom Servers Built To last
  • Custom Systems For Gaming & High Workflow Task
  • Custom Open Source Servers For Web hosting
  • Upgrades On Older Systems
  • And many more services to come.

The steps we take when you contact us for a repair.

Contacting us.

Like any kind of service any potential customer request.

Discussing your repair.

Tell me more about what problem you’re experiencing.

Finding the right price.

This is that moment you have been waiting for how much is parts & labor?

Ordering parts.

Like any repair or service we may need to order parts this step is not always taken depending on the service.

ETA on repairs.

Once everything is at my shop you will get a timeline on when your repair is complete.

Yay its fixed.

We will contact the customer via preferred contact method to confirm its fixed. And its up to you if you want me to deliver it in person or just pick it up.

All of our quality services done so far and growing.

Credibility matters.

Below me are some reviews of some really exclusive customers.

We got you covered. 100%
Would I be lieing? 100%
Yep thats right. 0%
Our business was at a standstill when our primary laptop stopped working. I called Ryan Rhoades and he quickly came to our rescue! On a Saturday he met us at our office and picked up our laptop for diagnoses and any needed repairs. It only took a day to get our laptop running faster than ever with a new hard drive. Ryan is quick, reliable and honest. His work is extremely thorough. If you need any help with your computer be sure and call Ryan Rhoades.
Karen Aroh
Director Of Maya Collection
John Doe
John Doe